Point of Contact: Dennis R. Whip 334-494-3345  [email protected]

Dennis R. Whip doing business as Enterprise Tech Solutions VETS (ETSVETS) providing services as a senior systems engineer and defense analyst with  35 plus years experience in delivering technical Engineering and Analytical solutions in support of Acquisition Test and Evaluation to programs of record, Middle Tier Acquisition (MTA) systems, Software Acquisition Pathway programs and Joint Capability Technical Demonstrations (JCTD).
I am currently engaged with the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Developmental Test, Evaluation, and Assessments.
Actions include: one on one acquisition program of record engagement, Cybersecurity actions, developmental Test and Evaluation, Independent Technical Risk Assessments and Scientific Test, and Analysis.
Past Support:
• OSD Developmental Test and Evaluation.
• Army Test and Evaluation Command, Operational Test Command, Electronic/Aberdeen Proving Ground.
• US Navy Seaport-E Developmental and Operational Test Evaluation.
• Joint Test and Evaluation Command.